Our company

Over 130 years experience in purchasing, selling and brokerage

Founded in 1886 in the north of France, Perry Biehler supplies second-hand equipement to the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries worlwide.

For more than one hundred years, we have been purchasing and selling, for our own account or for others, all sizes of machines.

Our long experience has provided us with an unique and essentiel know-how in an area where safety is vital.

Leading in the market of second-hand equipment

Such know-how and product quality have attracted over 5 000 clients, from all over the world.

In order to face the increasing demand of foreign compagnies, Perry Biehler has given itself an export-oriented departement currently accounting for 50 % of its sales.

The dynamism of our team puts us well ahead in the second-hand industrial equipement market.

The compagny has been able to maintain its financial independence and is run by Benoît Coqueval.

Our services

Perry Biehler, signifies more and more services !

Wide choice, fast delivery, quality products, a team who listens... so many services, and commitments, have made us internationally renowned.

An immediate response to your needs

Our covered warehouse space of 5 000 m² permanently stocks more than 2 000 machines of all sizes. This hight storage capacity favors the availability of machines. And if what you want isn't in stock, thanks to our solid suppliers network, our purchase service will find the equipment you need as quickly as possible.

Personalized advice and guidance

Our team is entirely at your disposal to direct and guide you in the choice you make. Its sole objective : advise you, so what you choose corresponds as exactly as possible to your needs and to your technical requirements.

Technical and logistic expertise

Each month more than 50 machines are overhauled and conformized by our team of technicians. More than 65 countries have benefited to date from our exported items. And, Biehler guarantees excellent order monitoring : our experience and our experience and important technical means are deployed in this sense!

Our commitment

Safety and conformity

Overhauling and conformizing are 2 of our key priorities to assure you that your machine is in perfect operating conditionOur rigorous control process lasts 2 to 3 weeks, to provide you with a reliable and profitable machine.

It is performed by a team of highly qualified and specialized technicians. Before shipping any equipment, our technicians carry out a series of verifications broken down into 3 primary phases :

- Washing

- The workshop

- Painting

For over 130 years, we've been forging our image and proposing our innovativeness, based on the following three-part principle : wook with real specialists, invest in high-performance equipment and take the time for each machine.